How to clean your scissors

Jan 02 , 2019

Rayan Malik

How to clean your scissors

How to look after your scissors

 When buying new scissors, you always ask yourself if these scissors will stay sharp for long? Well the answer is very simple, you must look after your tools to keep them new as long as possible.

 We all know that the more you invest in your tool the more you expect them to serve you well. There are so very simple things you need to do to give your scissors long lasting life.

 First – make sure your scissors are kept safe in scissor case or holster, specially its very easy to damage them when they are on your station without any protection, simply don’t drop your scissors.

Second – make sure that you oil your scissors once a week. One little drop of oil from both sides, then open and close your scissors so oil is spread equally.

Third – make sure you clean them in the end of work day. All that you need is just use chamois cloth and Ninja Scissors oil.

 Last but not least, when you look after your tools, then your tools will look after you and with good care your scissors will last you much longer.

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